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Caught Masturbating Video - Bathroom Spy Cam

This young woman was caught masturbating on video by a bathroom spy cam in her office. She can be seen removing some of her clothes, sitting on the toilet seat and playing with her pussy for about ten minutes. She gets pretty into it and has at least three orgasms that I could count, possibly more. She then gets dressed, freshens up and goes back to work.

Caught Masturbating Video

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Masturbating in the bathroom at work is very common amongst men but not quite so common amongst women. However, the number of women who take a break to tickle the kitty is on the increase. Many women now carry mini vibrators in their handbags so they can masturbate wherever they feel like it. And that's why we are seeing more and more women caught masturbating on bathroom spy cams. If you want to know the best place for finding these videos, just follow the link below...

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Older Women Caught Masturbating - Video Downloads

I know some of you guys prefer the older women so today I have some video downloads of older women caught masturbating. These mature women were caught on camera fingering their pussies in a variety of unusual locations. The videos include security camera footage, hidden cam vids, cell phone videos and good old peeping tom vids. You can get the videos on the link below...

Older Women Caught Masturbating

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Young Woman Caught Masturbating On Video

This young woman was caught masturbating on video when a voyeur hotel owner planted a camcorder in her room. The hidden camera filmed the woman playing with a big plastic dildo in her pussy. When the film starts you can see flashes of the woman removing her clothes as she is moving around the room. She then settles down on the bed but it is difficult to see what is going on. Then suddenly she shifts position and you can practically see all the way up her pussy as she masturbates with the dildo!

Woman Caught Masturbating On Video

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Being a hotel owner is an ideal job for a voyeur. The guy that made this video has been doing it for years with cameras hidden in assorted pieces of furniture, fixtures and fittings. You can see some of his other great videos on this link...

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Mature Women Caught Masturbating - Spy Cam Footage

Check out the boobs on this woman! Wow, that's some set of tits. This mature woman was caught masturbating in a store room at work after her shift. The hidden camera shows her walking in, locking the door behind her, and sitting on the edge of a table. She then gets those massive boobs out and begins squeezing her nipples before hitching up her skirt and masturbating. She spends a good ten minutes flicking the bean before you see her whole body twitching as she reaches orgasm. She then just straightens her clothes and walks out like it's the most normal thing in the world!

Mature Women Caught Masturbating

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This video of an older woman playing with herself comes from a collection videos of mature women caught masturbating. The videos have been pulled together from various sites around the net and feature genuine spy cam footage. You can get the full collection on this link...

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